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Japan's premier foreigner friendly adult entertainment venue for the discerning pleasure seeker.
Our signature concept mixes western acceptations with the pleasures of a traditional Japanese Soapland.

Our private, purpose-built facility has 9 spacious service rooms preserved as they were originally built with all the modern foundations you would accept in the 21st century.
Enjoy a full face to face line up under the pink neon lights in the privacy of your own booth or come in a group for the ultimate experience and let us show you the hidden paradise of Kawasaki.
Our establishment is just 25 minutes by train from HANEDA airport (10 minutes by train from Central Tokyo & Yokohama) and a 5 minute walk from Kawasaki Station.
Public coin parking facilities available in the vicinity of the establishment for clients visiting by car.
If you have any questions, feel free to use the online chat box on our website,
call our shop at 044-272-1300, add us on Line (paradisekawasaki), WeChat (ParadiseKawasaki) or WhatsApp (+81 70-1406-7126).