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Ashley's BLOG


Many people thank you for seeing my blog!

I know there are guests who read my blog every day and click my blog many times.

I will soon meet him again.




A guest who came to see me repeatedly came today. Gave me three boxes of nut chocolate 🍫🥜 Thank you very much!

I hope to see you again in May ❤️

I hope you are fine and spend every day.



February 17



Extension of time!!

Many guests extended their time playing with me today! I'm very happy😘 Thank you very much!!❤️❤️❤️



My work schedule








Today, there were many customers who came to meet me repeatedly. I was really happy and teary. Happy tears and happy smile 😊

Three guests who played with me for the first time yesterday made a reservation and came again today🤗 The guest I met for the first time last week came to see me again before leaving Japan 🤗

Thank you very much~~!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️



Gift arrived on paradise on Valentine's Day morning. The gift was sent to me by a guest who came to me six months ago.🐻🌹

Thank you for always being kind to me.

We will meet again soon! I am very excited!

This teddy bear will take his place until he comes to Japan 🐻😊

And this teddy bear will become him again when he leaves Japan 😊🐻


My Reservable time February 14

🙆 My Reservable time February 14 🙆





Thank you for the many guests who booked me on February 14.

Let's have a lovely Valentine's Day together ❤️



I like horseback riding 🏇

I started horseback riding at the age of two and I continue.