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December12 8am~11pm

Thank you for reservation 🤗



December12 working schedule

The schedule on the website says from 12pm to 11pm, but will work from 8am to 11pm.



I miss summer because it's cold every day 🌻 But I also like winter 🎅

I'm happy to meet a kind guest today. I hope to see you soon.





I am very happy to have a reservation tomorrow 💖


I can make a reservation for you

The working schedule on the website says that you plan to work every day. However, it will not work on days without reservations.

If you want to book me, please send me a Tumblr direct message.

Tumblr account → ashley-jp

When contacting Paradise for reservations, you can only book after 7pm the day before the booking date.

If you contact me directly to make a reservation, I can make a reservation for you.

OK even one month before the
reservation date 😉



sweet dreams



Gifts from guests ✨
charm, bento and apple juice 🍎
The guests left paradise, bought bento and apple juice and returned to paradise.
Thank you for your kindness.
I will never forget ☺️


Guest gave me chocolate cake 😋✨✨