155cm / 5ft


22 years old


B92cm W62cm H92cm

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  1. 10 days left till my birthday
  2. forever-memes:

they can’t shoot all of us
  3. I don’t like chocolate. But only some chocolate I like. This is my favorite chocolate snack ever in...
  4. Today is a day before storm Area 51 🥳🥳
  5. Did you update your phone ??


Very nice!

Hanna is beautiful. Got start struck at the stairs, I had to take a second look. The rankings doesn’t do this woman justice. She needs to be at the TOP. For the limited time I had in Tokyo, I was lucky enough to book Hanna two days in a row. Yes she was that BAD. If you book her, don’t ditch her or flake. And if you did, just go back and see her because she’s worth it. This spicy mami has it all. Time sure flies when you are having fun with Hanna, so make sure you book a longer session with this bombshell if you can.
Make sure you treat her well and she will make it worth your while 100%.

Hope you enjoy the gifts -J

Had the pleasure of seeing Hanna for the first time, defiant a must see, her fun personality,great conversationalist, prefect English. I would recommend Hanna 100%.

Hanna is simply amazing. Every time I come see her we have great conversation that we lose track of time. Very attractive her ranking do not do her justice. Hardhitta

she is too popular. Really hard to get reservation. She looks way better in a person !!! I was kinda regret in very first time session with other girl. But she ...Hanna...made ALL better. I’m glad I gave a shot again. 2 hours train ride ...but worth it !!

I have been trying to book Hanna for a long is not easy because she is very popular. I finally got my chance and I completely get it now. WOW! Amazing girl. Whole package. Personality, check. Beauty, check. Body, double check. She treated me like a king. Speaks fluent English and we had a great conversation. Just a all around super experience. I highly recommend anyone out there to book her. You will not regret it. I warn you though, good luck! Not only booking her but all that comes after.

Hanna thank you beautiful! I will be back...just gotta recover. SMH!

Service was excellent!

Where do I start?

Let me introduce my self. I am a “repeat offender” at paradise.

I see paradise classifies all the ladies in different categories. ( Silver, Gold and Platinum) well they need to come up with a new category for Hanna and there is no doubt in me this world be called the (Diamond category) or as she refers to her self “The Baddest girl on the Planet “ Category!! Where
There is only room for one!!!
her Name is Hanna!!

It’s my second time reserving a girl prior to my arrival.
I usually enjoy the line up or as my friends and I refer to “the moment of truth”.
Hanna is the “Kim Kardashian” of the Far East!
At 5 feet tall it is obvious to understand the following quote….
”The most expensive perfume comes in the smallest bottle”
Everything was fresh on her. (manicure, pedicure, make up, hair)
She was modelling a light blue Victoria Secret Corset and the best part was that as other girls that wait for you on the top of the stairs but not Hanna, she came down to the waiting room to greet me and when we were done I felt for a second she was gonna walk me up to my
Nothing but confidence on this girl.
She looks like “eve” (from Adam and Even for my non- christians brothers lol).
Disney Land is a theme park for children where all the dreams come true. Well if they ever build one theme park for adults, it would be called Hanna’s Land.??????
She has the most beautiful body, gorgeous ass and pearly white teeth .
what else do you want me to say about this girl?

After meeting Hanna your life will never be the same ????
After my session I tried to say something to her but my words didn’t come out then she looked at me barely alive, we made eye contact and she said her famous line


I concur!!

Baby Oil Guy!!

She is a total fantasy out of porn movie with the sweetness of a pre-K teacher.15 stars out of 10.

So there's no mystery the fact that she's gorgeous. And while most beauties are かわいい quiet and or reserved, I appreciated her inquiring mind. Nice conversations, I almost forgot why I came, but once I snapped back- yeah...a sweet time. Thank you mami.

Hanna is fly and this place is legit. Speaks English, very inquisitive (smart), and a good sense of humor, and nice tattoos. Don't know why her photos don't show them?? I love the Tumblr posts! Haha ? I booked two hours with her out of the blue in part because of her hilarious Tumblr posts and wasn't disappointed. Nice sexy tan lines too. She takes good care of her clients. Gracias chica. Safe travels.


Always a great time with Hanna!

Hanna is amazing, just like all the reviews that come before this! Definitely 5 stars. She’s passionate, skilled, great to talk to and makes u feel relaxed. I would for sure book her again and for longer next time. She’s hard to book, but try a weekday if you can fit it in. Thanks again Hanna and I hope to see u soon

Hanna is very special. I enjoy 120 minutes with her every time I come. I enjoy our conversations. Hope you enjoy the gift.

Amazing experience!

These all review made me want to see her. I’ve been waiting for this moment ...she’s HOT !!! Just speechless I am
Very satisfied. Thought these reviews are fake. It was one of my good experience. I was very shy and nervous...because she is out of my league!!!!!

If you are on the fence about who you'd like to see, definitely make an appointment and see Hanna. If her photos aren't convincing enough, her reviews should be.
Hanna speaks amazing English and is so easy to chat with, she is down to earth and keeps it real.
I'm already trying to make plans to visit Japan again just so I can spend time with her.

She is funny beautiful adorable but sexy she is real.just speechless. I was very nervous but she made me very relax during session. I don’t think I can find a girl like her in japan lol ...I’ll be back next month !!

She is sexy, friendly and amazing to look at. A session with her is a slice of heaven. She is highly recommended.

I’m back to home....
But here I am. I still am checking this website. Lol
I think about her. She is the hottest girl I’ve ever met.
She is like an Instagram model.
She looks way better than pictures.
Don’t go short session I’d recommend you to choose 90min. If you could meet her in a town ??you are lucky !!!
I just wanted to say thank you everything Hanna. I hope you doing good !!

NYC mrn

Hanna is a Tasmanian devil!

Hanna is a wonderful person, she’s attentive of your needs and makes you feel comfortable. Her English is impeccable, having lived in the US for sometime in her life. She knows what she’s doing, definitely the embodiment of a naughty girl. Teasing you ‘til you want more!

In Japanese, there is saying called “Kenjataimu”. Her sessions always leave me feeling like that, being that an addiction.

I highly recommend Hanna, and I hope to spend time when possible in the future!

She knows what she doing .very dangerous...;)) I was nervous but she made me relax and comfortable. She speaks English fluent. All natural ..she is soo FINE I had a great time with her. Very satisfied!!!

Hanna is amazing! True beauty! She is only I see when come to paradise. Love talking to her. She make you feel very comfortable! Very Special!

I’m HOOKED!!!!

Was an excellent service and memorable experience

Hanna is amazing as always. Looking forward to seeing her again.

Finally I got to see her. Been wanting to see her but she is always booked out lol She speaks great English more than anybody I’ve talked to in I had session with her almost a year ago. But she remembered me !!! I’ll come back next month.

Just had an amazing session with Hanna. Passionate. Great kisser. Silky smooth skin. I'm hooked.

Hanna is amazing!

Hanna is fantastic, will be back again.

Had a second session with Hanna, and it was such a fantastic experience that I had to get an extension. She is an incredible woman and very down to Earth. Her English is great and she has a fantastic spunky attitude to her that I loved. No fakeness here (at least not with me). Her body is amazing, but her eyes are really her secret weapon. When you look into her eyes, it's hard not to get lost in them. Looking forward to spending a third time with her sometime soon.

Hanna is fantastic,will be back again.

It was very nice,Hanna was so kind and caring.

Hanna was Simply Amazing!! 12/10

“Time flies when you're having fun”.yes 90min wasn’t enough with her....I’ll come back to you. These reviews aren’t fake. I thought these are fake but make sense now:) she’s so sweet and funny innocent. Just it wasn’t enough !!!

From: Marvel sensei

Incredible. Speechless. Definitely worth your time and worth much more than the money. Golden.

She is the gem!! Totally worth
Mahalo Hanna !!

Great service!

It's easy to say that I wasn't prepared for Hanna.
Hanna caught me off guard with how down to earth and real she is.
She's that girl that's your best friend and you grab beers with, all the while having a mad crush on.
You can banter with her, and she'll let you believe you're in control but when she's ready, it's on.
That, plus she's bombshell gorgeous, will instantly have you ready to go and knows all the right things to say.
An unforgettable experience from an unforgettable girl.
All the other reviews here are true. Believe the hype.
Do yourself a favor and visit Hanna

-5-Stars Ridiculous-

I searched a lot before I visit ... and Hanna’s review seems like legit. And when I saw her everything makes sense !!! More surprisingly she’s a gamer lol I wish I came to you earlier. I should took long session..She is just legit !!!! Just ...DAYUM!!!

Hanna made all my dreams come true, just reading her reviews have made me please myself!
Hanna you are a delight!
Love the Aussie guy!

Amazing as always.

She is the girl you’ve been looking for !! She is so real. She is not fake. She is not like other girls. I’d give her ★★★★★!!!

Hanna was very accommodating and fun to talk to.

It's just excellent.

Excellent service.

Hanna is great!

Went to Paradise to my fix of Hanna. She is very Special. I have a wonderful experience and conversation every time I visit her. I recommend her for a great experience please be good to her.

She is the girl I’ve been looking for. She is like an unicorn. Hard to find. She made me comfortable the way she talks to me. I’d love to come back for her. Now I have a reason to go back to japan. I will miss you Hanna.

She was very nice. Hanna gets top marks.

Hanna will rock your world. From start to finish I had one of the best experiences since I started going to Paradise. She will have you in the palm of her hand. Literally and figuratively. If you don’t visit Hanna on your stop to Paradise, you are committing a crime against yourself. Do yourself a favor, reserve her and save yourself the wait. Because walking in and waiting will just make you too anxious. All in all, if you choose any other girl, you will be disappointed in yourself for not having the time of your life with Hanna.

Hanna is my favorite. Very easy to talk to. She takes great care of me every time I visit. Very Special Lady.


Lovely attitude and made me feel comfortable.

Hanna is extremely gorgeous, and easy to talk to. She was good to me and I would love to see her again even though she was surprised to see me there in the first place.

Had 120 minutes again with Hanna and she never disappoint. She is the best. Very special. Hard hitta

Hanna is a hottie, even more in person than in pix. Her English is perfect and love her attitude.

Hanna is once again amazing. Love having conversation with so I go for 120 minutes she definitely didnt disappoint the whole time was great. Hardhitta

Hanna is without a doubt the best lady in the lineup. She heard about my previous experience and did everything in her power to make up for it, and boy did she. Conversation with her is very easy and time with her moves at supersonic speed. If the rest of the girls are not like Hanna, I dont want em. Thank you for the wonderful time.

The Guy w/ Dreds

Hanna is amazing. Love our conversation. Make me feel very comfortable. Hardhitta

Hanna pictures dont do her justice. Nice body and very easy to talk to. She makes you very comfortable. Will definitely come back to see her. Bacon Pancakes 1745

Wow!! All you expect and more in a fun size honey skinned *** machine. Love how you tease, pulsate and make me feel like the most important man on Earth at least in Paradise lol. Love the attention to my needs calling me papi. You are #1 for me!

Hanna was great! She was so much fun to be around and it made my time in Japan so much better. I was already was having a great time then she come and makes all the better. Man I wanna come back and see her again. She the best!

A bundle of joy and oh so much more. Enjoy yourself, relax, and youll have a great time

Hanna left me in awe, which is like impossible with so many pretty faces walking around. But I was totally blown away as the pictures dont show her beauty or "curves" seriously there needs to be a warning or something.

She is confident and sexy and knows to pillow talk in additional to her "curvy" figure that will make your jaw drop when you see her in person. She will leave you speechless with her eyes, soft touch and talents.

So you may have to pinch yourself as I did to make sure you are not dreaming when you are with her; she is amazing, sweet, fun to be around and speaks perfect English. She is like a drug that you cant enough of so try not get addicted!

Hanna is a fantasy girl for any guy who appreciates lovely curves. I can still see her sexy red lingerie in my mind. She has long shiny black hair, a beautiful golden tan and exotic dark eyes. The way she looks at you will make any guy melt. Hanna is very focused on making sure I had an unforgettable experience. Her English ability really takes things to another level. I must warn you, because even though it will be a great experience. Hanna is also very addictive!!

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